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1# They can't find a sustainable system to fit their life style 

2# They hop from diet type, fad, training style without know which, or what they should be doing!

3# They don't have a tailored training programme

4# They're confused with what to eat, how much, when . . 

5# They're overwhelmed! by a tonne of fitness information and procrasinate instead of implementing 

6# They're overly rigid, set themselves up for failure!

If you can relate to these points, you are in the right place.


This science-backed coaching is designed for the real world, to work around your lifestyle and schedule, so you can get leaner, muscular, stronger and more confident than ever without sacrificing your social life. 

All you have to do is fill out the application below, book in a Vision call and we can see if you're the right fit for my transformation program. 

I can't wait to chat!


Dear reader, If you want to torch unwanted body fat, build muscle and gain more confidence than ever, please read this page carefully... 

My names Tom Macmillan, over the 5 last years I've helped 100s of men transform their body, mind & lifestyle! 


Boring restrictive diet plans, Hours of exhausting cardio
FAD diets, starvation or drugs. 

Wether you're a beginner or an advanced lifter, this is truly the last coaching program you need!

Let me help you...  




People who want to get leaner than ever before without being overly restrictive, sacrificing their social life!

People who want to build head turning muscle & strength (without all that fat gain!)

Hard working people who understand the importance of accountability, having expert knowledge, years of experience on hand

People who truly value their health & physique


Men who don't commit, don't see their goals through

Men who are not action takers

Men who think that fat loss, muscle gain is an overnight fix

Men who make excuses & don't take ownership 


Before Tom, I spoke to other trainers who didn't cater to my needs when it came to dieting. I was extremely impressed with Tom's knowledge, what he had achieved personally & professionally. Tom had no problem catering to my needs, giving as much support as I needed, making countless adjustments to suit my preferences, circumstances along the way. This is a no brainer for any man looking to drop body fat, gain muscle. 


Despite being a PT myself, I needed accountability, I needed structure because I wasn’t following my own advice, I wasn’t pushing myself and I wasn’t setting goals to hit! Tom set up my diet & training in a way that I could still have a social life! This made the process so much easier! Working with Tom improved not just my body, but my own coaching.  The support, accountability & knowledge is incredible. Big thanks mate!



Tom is one of the few coaches with a deep understanding of key training and nutrition principles who self educates to deliver an even better for service for clients.  If you want a coach who is thorough with your plan and set up and gives reliable feedback every time, Tom is your man and will work with you on the most suitable approach for your desired outcome. 



Tom has got me into the best shape of my life. This was our first diet together, we're now onto our second after spending time since bulking up. I've worked with him for over a year now, he understands my lifestyle, what I need & keeps me accountable! Tom has very good attention to detail, excellent changes, excellent feedback & is always extremely supportive. I can't recommend Tom enough! 


Before working with Tom, I was spinning my wheels, training, dieting, not seeing the results that I wanted. Tom not only showed me how to eat, train for fat loss & muscle gain, but he gave me the much needed accountability! Working with Tom has been the best thing I've done for my physique! Thanks Big Mac!


Tom was the accountability & support I needed to get into the best shape of my life. His nutrition coaching and training programs are unbelievable! Keeping me sane whilst losing 30lb of body fat, retaining my muscle. Tom is transparent, honest & supportive whilst giving me the kick I need from time to time!. I can't recommend Body By Mac enough. 



'After training for years with no structure in place, I wasted a lot of time! I was fed up with trying, but never reaching my goals so I asked Tom for Help. ⁣⁣⁣In just 12 weeks working with Tom has been a huge eye-opener, not only have I transformed my physique but I've learned SO much valuable information on nutrition & training to last a lifetime'' ⁣⁣


I lost 30lb in just 10 weeks with Tom! I'm leaner and more confident in my physique than ever. Working with Tom has also given me the motivation, drive to succeed in all areas of life. As a busy student with a hectic social life, Tom tailored everything to suit my lifestyle, so I could get great results without sacrificing things that were important to me. Needless to say, I've signed up with Tom again to now add muscle! I highly recommend Body By Mac.


Before working with Tom, I was spinning my wheels without seeing any results. Tom provided me with accountability, an absolute wealth of knowledge and years of experience. I dropped 24lb of body fat whilst getting stronger & enjoying a social life!. If you're looking for a coach whos not only supportive but will also kick you up the arse when needed, look no further. I can't wait for the next transformation! 


Thanks to Tom I am bigger, leaner and fitter than ever whilst holding down a hectic job and social life!. Tom doesn’t take extreme, unsustainable approaches, he teaches you, empowers you & gives you results for life. I'm constantly recommending Tom to others (who've had amazing results too!)I couldn’t recommend Tom enough. I can’t imagine not working with him anymore!


This has been my fourth time working with Tom, unbelievably this was just a 4 week cut! The results always seem to amaze me!. Dieting alone, I felt like I had reached a plateau, I was spinning my wheels, needed Tom's expertise. The support he gives you is priceless, highly motivating! I would recommend Tom to anyone! 



Tom is by far the most knowledgable coach I have come across. He's passionate, all round a great guy with a lot to offer for advanced or beginners who want to better themselves. I can’t thank or recommend him enough for the results and education he has given me. Truly eye opening! 


'I lost 50lb! Between those photographs, I'm so happy with the result. I reached out to Tom for his expert knowledge, support & accountability after spending so long without seeing any progress. I let things take over my life that shouldn't have, as a result, I neglected my health. From working with Tom, I am in the best shape of my life, physically & mentally!'


Working with Tom has made huge improvements to my physique. & health! It only takes a follow of Toms social media to realise how knowledgable he is on fat loss, muscle gan. He cuts out he BS for you, gives you incredible 1 to 1 support, accountability & everything you need to transform without sacrificing your social life!. It is a pleasure to work with Tom, thanks mate!


Step #1 

Fill out the application form below.

Step #2

Upon submission, you will have the option to book your vision call at your chosen date and time. 

Step #3


On the call we’ll assess where you are now versus where you want to be, come up with a plan of action to get you there. If I can help you, I’ll give you the opportunity to come under my wing and join my coaching team.

Ready To Get Started? 


'What Do I Get?'

> Personalised nutrition coaching to fit your lifestyle and routine

> Tailor made training programme to suit your needs, preferences, available equipment changing every month or when needed 
> Weekly video feedback 

> Weekly changes to your nutrition when needed 

> Weekly phone calls when needed 
> Unlimited messenger support 

> Life-changing dieting information & resources for long-term success

‘I Have Busy Lifestyle, Can I Still Do This?’


Yes, I work with plenty of CEO's, clients with families, several jobs all achieving amazing results. The key here is to how much you want progress.

As your training & nutrition is flexible around your preferences, job, lifestyle, my 1 to 1 online coaching is a life changing service regardless of your schedule. 

'How Can You Help Me Without Meeting Me?'

My online coaching is set up so you get incredible results with minimal fuss. Our check-ins will be in depth, and you have access to additional unlimited support. As your journey progresses, you might have questions about food, diet, training, or cardio. I will be on hand to help you reach your goals with Watsapp or e-mail support.

'How Much Is It?


I don't disclose prices until our consult. This is because I only want work with people who truly value their health, don't shop on price alone. 


 ‘Isn’t Personal Training Cheaper?’


No way! - my expert online coaching is actually better value. Did you know the average price of personal training in the UK is £25 per hour? And you'd need frequent sessions per week, usually with little (to 0) nutrition advice, coaching or out of-session support.

My online coaching actually works out cheaper. And you're getting years of experience, plus proven track record, online, offline, academically & practically. 


‘Do I Have To Give Up The Foods I Love? What About Social Events?’


My promise to you, is that I will never ask you to cut out any food, unless you have an intolerance. I will never tell you to turn down a social event. My 1 to 1 online coaching promotes a flexible dieting approach, meaning that you have goals to hit, but you don't have to confine yourself to black and white food choices, you don't have to turn down an event for the treadmill. Working together, we'll strike the perfect balance between nailing your physique goals & maintaining your all important social life.


Are You Still Sat On The Fence?

Ask yourself, what is the cost of you not investing in your health & physique?

Less confidence? not fitting into the clothes that you want? not feeling like you can attract the opposite

sex? not being able to keep up with your kids? wasted gym membership fees? wasted shopping bills? wasting time hopping from FAD to FAD . . 

This isn't like any other coaching service. You won't wait days for replies . . no corners are cut, your plan won't be generic, copy and pasted or un-enjoyable. 

This online coaching program is a fool proof method to get you leaner, more muscular, more confident than ever (without sacrificing your social life!) 

Let's chat! Apply below and book your free consult call!