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Hey there! 

Let me guess – you’re looking for a way to make the most of this crazy period of lockdown. You’ve wanted to drop bodyfat and get in serious shape for ages. No time like the present! 

Something tells you this lockdown is an amazing opportunity – no meals out, no temptations, more time – but you can’t figure out HOW. 

Let me show you EXACTLY how to turn this time to your advantage. 

Because you’re right – being “locked down” like this could be the best time ever for focusing on getting fitter, leaner, and healthier. 

You might NEVER have a clear run at things like this again in your entire life! 

My name is Tom Macmillan, over the last 5 years I’ve helped over 500 people shed fat, build muscle and become more confident about their body. 

Starting out, I tried every diet, supplement, and training plan out there – with zero results (frustrating!) I’ve spent years studying, qualifying, and experimenting with my own physique – I actually became a World Champion natural bodybuilder. 

But I didn’t want to live a restrictive lifestyle. I wanted to be in great shape, but enjoy life – and share my knowledge with guys like me (unconfident, frustrated, and demotivated after trying everything and not seeing results). 

This is a GREAT time to do take control of your training and nutrition. My online coaching program will set you up with at-home training, nutrition coaching, and support. By the time this is all over, you’ll be in amazing shape and have solid habits set in stone. 

Ready to make the most of this situation? Seize the opportunity. 




Your health and fitness has become more important than ever!


This will all be over at some point. You have two choices. Come out of lockdown in worse shape, feeling terrible, unhealthy, demotivated and needing to start from scratch. Or fitter, stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever with your body.


No gym, no problem. This online coaching programme is designed for now! So you can get the results that you've always wanted without leaving your home! 

Lose fat – build muscle – stay healthy – support your mindset 

1) Tailored home workouts to suit your goals, space, and equipment, with video demonstrations for every possible exercise 

2) Personalised nutrition coaching for fat loss and health during lockdown 

3) Weekly video feedback to keep you focused on progress 

4) Weekly changes to your nutrition and habits

5) Messenger support 

6) Access to my Members’ site - hours of learning materials to keep you busy!

7) Plus! Extra support, resources, and information for long-term success




This Is For You If...

- You refuse to let lockdown make you out of shape & unmotivated 

- You want a clear run at fat loss and healthy eating 

- You are ready to work hard and have fun with it 

- You need extra support and motivation to train at home 

- You would love to come out of lockdown in better shape than before

Click Away Now If...

-You really don’t care if you get unhealthy because of lockdown 

- You have plenty of time but don’t want to use it for workouts 

- You already know exactly how to eat and train for fat loss at home

There’s Never Been A Better Time To...


· Focus on your health 

· Build habits for a lifetime 

· Have a simple daily routine 

· Do short, intense training sessions 

· Master bodyweight and conditioning 

· Learn to prep simple healthy meals 

· Focus on health and wellness 

· Use nutrition and training to support your health 

· Build a bullet-proof positive mental state


"Is It Really Possible To Lose Fat & Get In Shape During Lockdown?"


I get it, lockdown seems like a pretty bleak time for guys like us. I’m here to PROMISE YOU that this weird period of time could be a golden opportunity. Yes, there is restriction. But there is also immense scope. 


-No distractions 

-No temptations 

-No meals out 

-No impulsive trips to the late-night shop 

-No holidays 

-No breaks from training 

-More time 

-More routine 

-More control over your food 

-More opportunity to build habits


"I don’t have any gym equipment at home?"

That’s OK – most people don’t. This is personalised coaching, so I will design your home workouts around what you’ve got. That includes indoor space, outdoor space, kit, equipment (or lack of). No excuses – you can get amazing results with no equipment at all. I’ll show you how many options there are. 


"I live with my other half/housemates/family?"

No problem. This coaching won’t be disruptive to your home set-up. I understand that the current situation means everyone is at home and possibly under each other’s feet. I’ll take that into account. 


"Can you help me without having met me?"

My online coaching is set up so you get incredible results with minimal fuss. Our check-ins will be in-depth, and you have access to additional unlimited support. As your journey progresses, you might have questions about food, diet, training, or cardio. I will be on hand to help you reach your goals via messenger/WhatsApp etc. 

"Do I have to give up my favourite foods?"

My promise to you is that I will never ask you to cut out any food unless you have an intolerance. I promote a flexible dieting approach, meaning you have goals to hit, but don't have to confine yourself to black and white food choices. Right now is not the time to be banning anything that gives you comfort! 


"How long does this coaching last?"

This is a 90 day program, with an available continuation depending on how long you need help for. You’re in control – I’m here to help you. 


"Sounds good –what’s the cost?"

I don't discuss costs until our consult call as prices may change in the future. Let’s discuss this once we’re worked out that this is the right program for you. I really want to help you during this time of lockdown, so please click the sign-up box and start the conversation. There’s no obligation.




1) Click the 'apply today' button


2) You’ll get the option to book a call with me at your chosen date and time. 


3) On the call, we’ll talk about where you are now and where you want to be, we’ll come up with a plan of action, and get you started! 

Don’t let lockdown rob you of your goals, your motivation, and your confidence. You’ve got my support every step of the way. 


Together we are stronger!  


Speak soon, coach Tom.